Aluminium Windows Curtain Walls

A.B. System  designs, manufactures and installs aluminium window and door frames and curtain walls.

Thanks to the purchase of BUIATTI systems in 1995 and to the experience gained both in the civil and industrial fields, A.B. System is able to offer turnkey projects and constructions of various kinds, while constantly remaining at the forefront. It studies, designs, builds and installs specific solutions for every order through a highly qualified and skilled technical office with many years of experience in the industry and a production factory equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and specialised in building and assembling the various products.

A.B. System uses materials of the highest quality and ensures a reduction in prices by manufacturing in-house all window and door frames, doors and curtain wall modules to be installed.

The constant exchange of information between the technical office and the workshop also allows us to offer the customer the best solutions from a technical/design point of view and a choice of the best materials to be used.

Our strengths include highly qualified technical staff, skilled manpower, in-depth knowledge of safety issues and regulations, use of top quality materials, and excellent customer support.

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